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MOD // Contest

Hi everyone! Long time no see! We are still working on D no Arashi (and a small surprise clip we've not yet announced.) It's finals time (or the 'study for provincial time' in Canada, actually) and the two of us are busy like bees, according to the old saying. Well, because we are busy like those buzzing insects, and this community seem so dead, we have decided to hold a contest!

What is this contest about?
We all know there are tons of graphic artists out there, and graphic contests are held every 15 seconds across LJ or so (please don't quote me on the stats, I made that up just now.) So, we are going to hold our own - but wait! This is not only going to be a graphic contest! We appreciate all the good writers out there as well! Yes, this will be a combination of either showing off your graphic skills OR showing off your writing skills. Read on for more information!

The theme of this contest will be - THE ZOO!!! and the JE boys of course... (anyone you'd like)
Why? Because it's interesting - somewhat.

So you think you have a natural talent in graphics? Well, then, show it off, won't you?

What can you make?
You can make anything from icons to banners to just random pictures to an entire layout. Some conditions apply though.

If you choose to make icons, please make a set of 4.
If you choose to make an entire layout, please make it available for use for others, including the codings, and state whether this is a LJ layout or a web-based layout.

Okay, so you aren't good with that photoshop thing, but heck, you can do quite well with a pencil and a piece of paper (who uses that nowadays anyway? Give me a keyboard and a screen anytime!)

What should you write?
Anything. Be it one sentence (if you think you can impact the audience with just that) or a whole book (if you think people would read it through.) However, we suggest that you write a short piece about 100 words in total. You can make it angsty, humourous or flat-out crazy.

Please refrain from using any style of typing aside from normal to make it readable for the audience. Please minimize any rude word or swearing. Please check and double-check your work for any grammar or spelling mistakes. And remember, punctuation as well as capitalizations are important too!

If you have your entry ready, just make a new post with the heading - CONTEST // Entry Title - and then go crazy with the content. Please make sure that any image and writing goes behind an LJ cut. If you want to show teaser icons, please only leave 1 of the 4 outside of the cut. If your writing contains mild shounen-ai to extreme yaoi, please make sure you post a warning and definitely put your work behind a cut.

Well, we won't be able to give anything too spectacular here as this is all in good fun. Basically, the same deal - banners and icons!

Otherwise, comment if you have any questions!

The contest will run for 3 weeks! The deadline will be June 13th, 2006!

Good luck, everyone!
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