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S.H.A.N.G.R.I - L.A

..a johnny's fansub community..

A Johnny's Fansub Community
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Welcome to JR Shangri-La!

Hello and welcome! Here, you will be able to find English subtitled Johnnys TV appearances and other goodies!


JR Shangri-La is a community for all those interested in Johnny's Entertainment, especially in getting to know the different characteristics of each Johnnys' by watching their TV appearances. We, at JR Shangri-La, are dedicated to bringing you English subtitled Johnnys appearances! We hope that you will enjoy your time here, and we appreciate your interest.


.1. Respect all Johnnys and each other, and especially the MODS.
.2. No flaming. No trigger posts. We don't care about who you don't like.
.3. Comment! It is only polite to comment when you take/download something.
.4. No re-distribution unless you have our permission to.
.5. No requests. We don't like being demanded!
.6. Members are allowed to post about anything that has to do with Johnny's Entertainment.
.7. Re-upping (to YSI or sendspace, etc.) is appreciated. Please contact us if you are able to help!
.8. Credit all necessary sources when you post anything that does not originate from you.
.9. Inactive users for three months or more will be removed
.0. Enjoy your stay! Life is hard だけど/だから HAPPY!


We are in no way associated with Johnny's Entertainment nor do we have contacts with any of the members of Johnny's Entertainment. We are doing this to benefit the fans, and to support the members. All appearances and other information posted on belong to their respective owners, which are associates and members belonging to Johnny's Entertainment unless otherwise specified. All translations and subtitled videos produced by JR Shangri-La is copyrighted JR Shangri-La, all rights reserved, unless otherwise specified.